Thursday, February 25, 2010


DJ has a favorite Teddy bear. He got bear when he was 15 months old and hasn't stopped sleeping on him since. Even though he is 8 now, he has a serious soft spot for bear. He's ratty, matted from going through the dryer too many times, and had to have a serious chest wound sutured a year or so back.
So you can imagine DJ's distress when we got halfway to the airport and he realized he forgot to pack bear. I thought he would shake it off fairly quickly, we never see bear except in bed, but he was heartbroken. Silently tears started to stream down his face. Then Z started to cry because she felt so badly for him. Gotta love the girl's sense of empathy.
Al said this would be a good time to try to break him of the habit. My thought is are you out of your mind? On vacation, strange bed, different food, exciting days and up too late. NOT the time for major transitions. Bear is also one of the last little kid things he holds onto, with his Pokemon and video games. Let him keep the lovey, we all need something to cuddle now and then. We bought a poor substitute of a dog at walmart with promises to find something good at Disney tomorrow. But it won't be a substitute for that silly old bear.

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