Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

I love cats, it's something you should know about me. Ever since I was a small child I wanted a kitten. I'll spare you my traumatic memory of receiving a realistic-looking stuffed animal cat for Christmas when I was 4, that's between me and Santa. I finally got a real cat when I was 6. Tabby was a lovely calico cat, and lived to be 20. I have had a few others over the years, but now we have Pippin, age 14, Jack age 2, and Baby Reggie who is just 4 months old. I never intended to own 3 cats, I swear. My husband got Reggie for me for Christmas this year, because he truly understands my need for something to cuddle. He's just glad I've never demanded another baby!

Jack and Reggie are half-brothers, and are ragdoll breed cats. That means they go totally limp when you pick them up, and are large, fluffy and very soft. They also fetch, follow us around and greet us at the door. Jack is the kids' cat. He plays with them, builds forts with them, and can't wait until they get home every day. Reggie is now his tiny shadow, getting in his stuff, sitting on him, and starting fights. Just like real brothers. Though they are clearly animals, they have very different personalities. Yes, I do know they are animals and don't speak English. That doesn't stop me from talking to them, greeting them when they enter a room, making up songs about them, and telling the kids to ask them if they've seen whatever toy they are currently missing. That's when I get reminded "MOM, they're cats. They don't understand you!" Oh, I think they do...

Cats live very much in the moment. They nap whenever and wherever they feel like laying down, and have the half-lidded Buddha gaze down to a science. They will joyfully play with anything they can find, and are master yogis, stretching and contorting a million ways. Our cats are fascinated by yoga time, rubbing my head in downward facing dog, attacking my leg in chaturanga, and just staring at me in disbelief in headstand. I think pets are wonderful companions, but we also know they lower our blood pressure and help us live longer, all this has been proven in studies of pet owners. I love to have something to cuddle, but also just love the energy of a cat. So bear with my crazy cat lady tendencies, as there will certainly be cat stories posted alongside family anecdotes, yogic wisdom, and my random musings on this blog.


  1. Great blogs! It takes so much to be open and share with the world. I love how genuine you are! Keep it up! Stay fulfilled and enjoy life! Thank you for sharing!

  2. As a fellow cat owner and yoga wannabe guy, I am loving your blog! My son, David, is a cat crazy guy, and so is my wife, so I hope we are all in good company :)