Friday, February 19, 2010


I just got back from a lovely evening out with some ladies from work. We had a wonderful time talking about ourselves instead of our patients. We all decided we should do this again soon. But it is often a challenge to get a group of women with kids to go out. We tend by nature to be givers and to put our own needs behind family (I almost didn't go tonight because of my son's basketball practice...). I think a lot of times we mean to get together, we even really want to, but can't seem to arrange our other commitments to schedule anything.

I think it's particularly important for women to have girlfriends. They provide a different perspective on things than a husband can. Al is fantastic, but he just doesn't get it when I tell him I bought skinny jeans, but am not sure I will ever have the guts to wear them. He also really doesn't understand my need to know where we're going to eat later so I can start to think about what I might order. When I plan a dinner out with my girlfriends, we decide a week ahead of time and email or text about what we might want to get. It's just part of the anticipation!

I have a busy life, like we all do, but I have really missed having close girlfriends nearby. I am going to try to get out more often, to schedule a lunch on a Saturday (gasp!), go out after work (double gasp!) or plan a long weekend in Sanibel with just the girls (ok that may take some selling here at home, but I'll do my best). In the meantime, I love to email, Facebook, text, and keep up in any way I can. That doesn't require a babysitter. Love you ladies!

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