Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music and Lyrics

I love to listen to music. All kinds of music. I have over 2000 songs on my iPod (I have a Classic so I have room to add more), and over 400 on my favorites list (yes I recognize that I have an editing issue). I have yoga songs, classical, Broadway, alternative, 80s, country, pretty much anything you can think of, it is represented on my iPod. I tend towards eclectic and alt country (REM, Indigo Girls and Wilco), and don't know a whole lot about what the cool teenagers are listening to now.

But my kids are starting to hear songs in places other than mommy's car, and are getting their own opinions about music. They also know mommy has an iTunes account and can buy songs they like. I made the mistake of adding the High School Musical collection last year, and had those songs in my head on replay for months. Luckily Zee and DJ outgrew that phase. Now we've moved on to Taylor Swift. Initially I was totally fine with that, but now you can't escape that girl's songs, and I can't play those anymore or I will totally lose it. When I walked into Montessori to pick Zee up yesterday, the entire 3-6 year old classroom was dancing to the Black Eyed Peas. Today, Beyonce and Lady Gaga. I'm not so sure how I feel about that...

We have to be careful now because these kids aren't mindlessly bobbing their heads to the tunes, they are listening to the words. Now Zee is wandering the house singing "All the single ladies" and DJ told me that Lady Gaga says something totally inappropriate in one of her songs. Yeah, like that's news to me. My husband never listens to lyrics, and was surprised when I said I didn't think he should play Lola by the Kinks anymore unless he wants to answer some tough questions. He honestly had no clue what that song was about! I believe it's much easier to try to explain the main theme of Romeo and Juliet (thanks Taylor) than why Lola "walks like a woman and talks like a man." I know eventually they will think every song I like is lame and old-ladyish, just the way I felt about the music my parents used to like. For now I can try to instill a sense of appreciation for all types of music before I have to start yelling at them to turn that noise down.

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