Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Post!

It has been my tendency to over-analyze things to death in my life, and it has taken me literally months of pre-contemplation, contemplation, and now (finally!) action to start my blog. I am a former prolific writer, and have said for years that medical school sapped any creative impulse from my soul. Honestly, the last poem I wrote was the first week of medical school! I began a journal again last year after attending a "Yoga and Journaling" workshop, and I'm a nearly-compulsive Facebook updater. So, one of those is totally private, the other is a small "tweet" of my life and thoughts. I am ready to write, think, and be myself on here. At least I think I am.

I'm excited to begin this blog, and see where it takes me. I have a lot of ideas, and hope I can let my Self shine through. My journal has been great practice, but the last things I wrote for anyone else to read did NOT come off as I'd hoped. I wrote an article about Seasonal Affective Disorder when I started in private practice, and my husband previewed it. His comment was that it was so clinical and dry, he got the facts but was not interested... ouch. Then I had to write a few pages to apply for a yoga teacher training program. Totally different context this time, but his review again was that it was dry, he got nothing "personal" from me, even though it was all about me! This comes back to the "I'm not sure how to be myself or who that even is" point of this whole experience.

I don't have an agenda. I am passionate about yoga, mental health care, and my family. All of these topics will likely come up in this blog. I have no interest in being Dr. Janeen here, or mom, or yoga teacher, I just want to be Janeen. And I hope to find out who that is again. I think we all pursue so many roles in our lives, we present a different front in each situation, and it can be hard to remember what's in our heart. So that's where I'm starting from.


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