Friday, February 26, 2010

Princess Pressure

Zee has been saying for months that she doesn't like princesses anymore. I think she thought her cool brother would find it babyish. I wondered how she would do at Disney with princess stuff everywhere, but she walked in the gates and saw the light. Actually she saw a bunch of girls her age walking around in princess gowns, tiaras and sparkles. We bought a princess Minnie hat today, with tiara and veil. It's fabulous. Thank goodness I brought her Aurora gown.

Sparkles and make-up have a magnetic effect on these girls. One girl in a gown feels extremely special, and all the other girls ARE staring. Zee had her hat off this evening, saw a girl her age in one, and had to have it on again. I want her to know she doesn't need to wait for her prince to come, she can make her own dreams come true. But I don't see anything wrong with looking fabulous while doing it.

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