Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

I had a lovely Valentine's Day. I was excited to get red roses (after I texted my husband a hint on Friday that girls at the office got flowers), and chocolates (which I guess I have to share). I know the holiday is commercialism at its worst, I know it's a Hallmark holiday and all that, but I love a good excuse to get a present. Especially something that smells and/or tastes good!

My husband and I have a mutual understanding about greeting cards. He doesn't like them, I feel the need to get him one, and therefore choose one with as few words as possible. He opens it, reads it, and keeps it for at least 24 hours. In turn, he knows I expect a card, and he does his best to read through them to find a good one. But he does usually go for the ones tagged as "simply put." That means there are no more than 3 sentences of text, by the way. This year, he found a particularly lovely one. It said only "I remember the days before you, but can't imagine another one without. Happy Valentine's Day." So simply put, so perfect :) I think I'll keep him.

I also select the cards for our children. Zee is easy. Valentine's Day is made for girls, and small girls love anything pink and frilly, and if it can include a small furry animal, it's the greatest thing ever. So a kitten in a tiara on the front, and my work is done! My son, as an 8 year old dude, is way too cool for any love talk. So I hunted through the babyish trains, Snoopys and cartoon tigers until I found the one and only Pokemon Valentine card. Yep. It had a Pikachu on the front. It will get harder, but I'm sure he'll still like the chocolates at least!

All in all it was a fine day, ended in the best way, with a heart-shaped pizza from Giordano's. Tomorrow back to work. I always forget about these throw-away holidays like President's Day, and don't book myself a day off. So, a full schedule after a weekend on call. But at least I can have chocolates for breakfast!


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