Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home Again

We got back to Illinois today, and are glad to be home. Now we have to re-establish our routines and make our way through a mountain of laundry! I love routines. The kids thrive on them, actually I think we all do. I have a morning routine, we have a bedtime ritual, and everyone has their daily chores. We have been off this schedule completely, with the kids sharing a room in the condo and going to bed at the same time. That would NEVER fly at home! I am expecting some hiccups as we try to get back on track.

Zee's bedtime ritual includes stories, several drinks of water, a song, and usually retrieving a cat from her bed. I have to be very careful what gets added into the routine at night because it will forever be a part of her bedtime plan. DJ is easier, he reads before bed then we walk him up and say goodnight. He has bear again, and I know he's excited to spend some alone time with him. I am getting back into my blog routine and hoping to continue the good habit of some japa meditation before bed. I'm sure Al is itching to get onto World of Warcraft to see what he's missed while we've been away (oh, that game is a blog entry waiting to happen...).

Tomorrow will be a challenge, as the kids are going back to school. I hope to get to yoga and work some post-travel kinks out of my spine and hips, and Friday is one of my usual yoga class days. I'm looking forward to all the day to day boring stuff we've missed doing while on vacation. Even laundry.

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