Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magical Thinking

Easter is this weekend, and I just finished putting candy into plastic eggs and filling baskets with junky little toys. The kids are old enough now to start asking some serious questions. Such as, is the Easter Bunny tall and does he walk on 2 legs, or is he like a real bunny? Huh. I don't know! I think these questions will become more difficult in the next few years, and begin to topple all of our magical gift-bearing visitors.

DJ has had his doubts about Santa for a couple of years now. He is just like his father, and too logical to accept this for much longer. He points out inconsistencies, and asks if Santa is really real; sometimes out of nowhere, months away from Christmas. Interestingly, the tooth fairy idea doesn't seem to bother him too much. No questions asked. I think he recognizes the gift or money potential to be had from all of this, so he doesn't ever push it. We have also explained that he may never discuss any of this in front of Zee. She is questioning the Bunny this year, though. I mean, it is kind of ridiculous, isn't it? But, she is a staunch supporter of all things Santa. Do not even try to suggest Santa may not be real, or she gets angry and indignant. She let her brother have it the last time he brought it up at the dinner table.

Before we had kids, Al and I briefly discussed if we would tell the kids about Santa, if that was lying to them, or just tradition. If you celebrate these holidays, I think it's likely you remember when you first found out Santa or the bunny weren't real. I know my far more worldly friend Kristina (now a Facebook friend!) told me. Al said he presented his case full of logical talking points to disprove his mother's arguments when he was in first grade. Were we disappointed? Yes. Did I think my parents were lying liars who lie? Not really. But it did feel like the end of something really big for me at the time. I think a little whimsy and fantasy are good for everyone (especially the super-logically mathematically minded boy). I know we don't have much longer before the kids figure all this out, and I intend to make the most of it. The bunny will be heavy on Whoppers eggs this year. They're my favorite :)

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