Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We went to DJs 2nd grade musical tonight. What a fabulous evening! These kids worked on songs, dance moves and lines for months. I feel so grateful that our district offers music education to every grade-schooler. We know music increases aptitude in math, it also fosters a sense of community that can help kids find a niche to fully express themselves.
I was in choir throughout middle school, high school and college. I went on choir tour every spring break in college, and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. I have life-long friends, and an appreciation for music of all kinds that helps me to be a more well-rounded person. I also have tons of memories about the choir tour bus, the crazy skits we put on, the jello salads with shredded carrots at the church potlucks, and the crazy families we stayed with on tour... Yes we stayed in peoples' homes!
Music is important, and I fear for music education in public schools. I don't want it to become available only to the wealthy, and only in private organizations. I listen to all kinds of music, and I encourage my kids to listen to more than just pop radio. I hope to foster a life-long love of music and that can only begin if it's learned at a young age. Support music education in public schools, and in your own families.

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