Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I used to be a great student. I was focused, would study diligently and complete my assignments with plenty of time to spare. I seem to have lost some of those skills somewhere! I should be doing my yoga teacher-training homework. I even like the homework, and enjoy reading and learning about the asanas. But somehow, I've managed to watch American Idol, go on Facebook 4 different times, order a gift for someone online, look for something I want on Amazon, and now I'm blogging. I have done exactly one asana sheet tonight. I intended to do 4 or 5.

So where has my attention gone? I do evaluations for adults who think they have ADHD on at least a weekly basis. Some of them do have it, and have their whole lives. A lot of them are over-stressed parents with too many commitments, and a lot of them are like me, a product of our multi-tasking society. We rarely do one thing at a time anymore. I read while eating lunch, I just ordered a continuing medical education MP3 that I'm supposed to listen to while driving, and I can't remember the last time I just watched a TV show. I play Scrabble, read a magazine, try to do my asana sheets... My computer allows me to open up a bunch of windows at once, and I can go back and forth between them. So if it suddenly pops into my head that I need to check the weather report (morning rain and high of 54) I can do it and return immediately to my project.

I think procrastination develops because of too many other distractions. If I had no internet (oh, I shudder to think) or no iPhone (I just scared myself!) I think I would be well on my way to completing my homework. I blame it on work, the kids, etc, but I have seriously wasted 2 hours tonight with very little to show for it. I think it's time to turn off the distractions and get to it. I just need to check my email one more time before I start.

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