Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring has Sprung

It was 65 degrees today on St. Patrick's Day. That's unusual for the Chicago area. We are often still buried under snow at this point! But everyone is feeling the coming spring. People are going outside and I'm seeing the neighbors again. The kids can barely contain themselves and are outside the second they get home.
Animals know it's warmer, the geese are coming back, the squirrels are giddy, and my cats are desperate for an open window. We see the animals stirring, the daffodils starting to shoot up and we feel the long winter is over.
In this part of the country we know the weather will tease us and change back and forth many times before it actually stays warm. I always find it a challenge to stay positive when it sleets again after a 60 degree day. Some people see it as an excuse to return to gloom and doom, and take their irritability out on others. I prefer to stay hopeful and remind myself that complaining about it doesn't improve the weather, but it can sure bring me and everyone around me down!
I can try to emulate the daffodils. They pop up as soon as we have a few warm days. Most years they get frozen or even buried in snow before they bloom. But they don't turn brown and wither or turn black and suck the energy from the plants around them. They stay green and tall and keep growing, knowing spring always comes eventually.

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