Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When you vacation as an adult couple, you sleep in late, read quietly by the pool, eat leisurely dinners and have a cocktail brought by a waiter. When you vacation with kids you get up at the same time as a work day, eat at the same types of restaurants you would normally frequent, and maybe order a drink at dinner. You will not go to the toilet by yourself. Ever.
If you can't tell, we're bearing the end of our family vacation, and 6 days at Disney World may have been a bit much...
We went to Epcot today and I envisioned bored kids as we leisurely walked around the nations. What actually happened: 4 hours of rides followed by the countries on a run (8 countries in 90 minutes), the last 2 with a sobbing child on one hip and dreams of a second Bellini in Italy out the window.
In spite of all that, we have had a lovely vacation. It's been fun, and the kids really get the magic of Disney. Even DJ, a totally cool 8 year old dude, loves those giant characters. Tomorrow is our last day of park passes. I will likely ride rollercoasters all day and eat somewhere that serves chicken nuggets and has no champagne on the menu, but this hasn't been about me. The kids will remember this trip forever.

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