Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tomorrow is my birthday. I am not old, I am probably not even middle-aged yet. But I have been conscious of getting older for at least the last decade. My friend told me the other day that DJ is closer to college than we are, he's only 10 years from starting, while we had our 15 year reunion last year (you can do the math now and figure out exactly how old I am, can't you? Oops!). Yikes! So, I'm gaining years yet I don't really feel any differently than I did at 26. I actually think I feel better, due to all the yoga and not being in medical school, being settled personally and financially, it's all good. So why does the number matter? Ok, I will be 38 tomorrow. There are a lot of famous movie stars my age, and they even still get cast in romantic comedies. The Sex and the City cast are all older than me. I must still be relevant!
I don't feel over the hill. Yet I am confronted with anti-aging products everywhere I go. Every magazine is filled with ads for the latest miracle cream or procedure to get rid of your wrinkles. Do I need a chemical peel? A line filler? Botox?! I admit that I am a VIB at Sephora (for those of you not in the loop, that's a Beauty Insider...). I am really a sucker for the latest cream or make-up trick. I worry about lines under my eyes, sagging eyelids and dark circles. I use one eye cream in the morning, followed by a primer and concealer, and another cream at night. I don't even want to count the number of creams I use on the rest of my face! I do think they camouflage signs of tiredness or fatigue, but I can't say they make me look, or feel, younger. I don't believe that's really my goal, because I am honestly pretty satisfied with how I look. I can't imagine the number of products I would need if I wasn't!!
I think I am trying to overcome the feeling that as women, we become invisible after a certain age. But I know 46 year old women who can do handstands in yoga class, so what does the number matter? I don't think it hurts to try to look and feel my best at every age, so long as it's not obsessive. I will continue to use my creams and chase the perfect solution for that thing that has started happening to my neck, but I don't see myself resorting to botox or more extensive alterations. I am always striving to be happy with myself as a whole package. That is a work in progress, and if Philosophy Microdelivery peel can help, I say why not?

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