Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I over-extended myself this week, something I've tried to avoid in recent years. I added evening yoga observations to my already busy work days on Monday and Tuesday. I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot, but tossed my personal down time out the window. Not a great idea for anyone, I know!
So what made it difficult for me to observe my schedule, then observe my body and my mind and recognize that I was trying to do too much? I see now that excitement and trying to check things off my to do list clouded my vision. I was in the flow with yoga, and really excited to see our lessons in practice. I also need to observe 5 classes, so I wanted to do my "homework."
In my days as a full-time student, I was an over-achiever. In high school I worried constantly whether I was doing enough or forgetting something. In college I got a bit more balance, and in med school I realized I just couldn't know everything, there was just too much. I haven't been in an academic environment in years, and my teacher training has been fun stuff I want to learn. There are no grades and the deadlines are fluid, so what's my hurry? I have to take my own advice and slow down, breathe, and enjoy the process.

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