Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day

It is the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day this year. Conservation has come a long way in that time, and it is suddenly cool to be earth conscious. I try to do my part to be "green." I drive a Prius, I carry reusable grocery bags and an aluminum water bottle, and I started using cloth napkins. We wash laundry in cold water and are gradually replacing our incandescent bulbs with the new kind. So that's all pretty good, but I'm no saint. I am hopeful that the small changes we made will balance out other not so green choices. I don't want to out myself here, let's just say I prefer a warm house...
I love the idea of living sustainably and eating all local produce, growing our own food and composting. The reality is we would have little to eat in the winter in the Midwest, and composting involves worms. So there are simple choices everyone can make, but few of us have the knowledge or commitment to go the extra mile. If we all make small changes, they can add up to a big difference, though!
I have to say I think the earth is in trouble. I know I have a responsibility to our planet, and part of that is teaching my children about conservation. They are growing up in a generation of recyclers, where a lot of these choices are discussed at home and in the classroom. DJ has corrected people if they toss plastic in the garbage, and he cannot understand why you wouldn't choose cloth napkins... you can use them again! Duh!
Earth Day is a good time to remind ourselves to be conscious consumers and to do our best to foster a sustainable lifestyle. I am hopeful that we can turn around some of the damage done in our decades of ignorance.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I think I will switch over to cloth napkins...