Monday, April 19, 2010


I attended a concert put on by my alma mater yesterday. The orchestra, band and choir all performed, and it was really a nice show. I was in the choir all through college, so their performance was particularly stirring for me.
I really loved choir! We sang challenging and beautiful music, and bonded over tours on spring break. We were by and large not close friends outside of choir, but I've kept in touch with several people over the years. We have even sung at each others' weddings. We know the same inside jokes and remember most of the songs we sang together. We could break into I Am the Rose of Sharon in 4 part harmony 16 years after graduation, and would add gestures to emphasize the suggestive lyrics (as if they could be missed!).
I got misty-eyed watching the choir singing, knowing they have similar relationships, and undoubtedly plenty of jokes the audience never sees. In college I had all the time in the world to make close friends, the kind with whom you share everything. Some are still a big part of my life, some are Facebook Friends, and some are whereabouts unknown. One thing for certain, I thought of them all yesterday, wishing we were on stage, then "circling up" to sing our school song By the Mighty Mississippi...

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  1. Seems like a small world, my husband and I attended a concert at our church yesterday afternoon that transported me like nothing has in a long time. Two talented sisters in their 20's played the harp, flute, cello, violin, and piano. The music was touched a deep place inside like nothing else can. You are lucky you were able to sing in a choir all through college...I hope you enjoy singing your kids to sleep now. Thank you for this post.