Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday was Mother's Day, and we moms deserve some serious credit. Motherhood is probably the most challenging job there is, in my opinion. Before we had DJ, one of our friends with kids asked us "What are you two going to do with a baby?!" I was mortally offended at the time, but later realized he was commenting more on the challenges of parenting than our inability to do it.
Every stage of growth adds a new challenge. I have to say we make really awful babies (one word: colic), and Zee was a particularly willful 3 year old. But they are turning out to be lovely young people. They are, of course, the smartest, most talented, gifted and beautiful children in the world :)
Motherhood requires an incredible amount of multi-tasking. I have to make dinner while helping with homework and piano practice. There's usually laundry going, baths to be given, and sometimes my pager starts beeping just to add to the fun. It can feel like a three ring circus. Sometimes it's challenging to take care of everything.
But the most difficult times are not the sports, dance, music, homework stuff, it's the emotions I experience when they are hurting. I can become a mama bear in an instant, but have to watch it and not go ballistic on some kid calling Zee names, or telling DJ he's not a good artist. My son is particularly sensitive to teasing, so we've had several of these kinds of situations. It's hard to stay back and let them fight their own battles when appropriate, and we can't fix everything. I try to help them make the best choices and stay true to themselves.
Motherhood can be a serious challenge, especially if I'm tired, or sick, or just need some alone time. That can be really hard to come by! I don't believe we should sacrifice all for our kids, they need to recognize that we must take care of ourselves, too. Sometimes I hide in the bathroom to get a few minutes to myself, but most of the time I wouldn't trade my job as mom for anything!

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