Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Beauty is all around us, and some days the brillance just dazzles me. I'm not certain if it is the sun and blue sky after so much rain, the amazing yoga class this morning, or the nice woman who painted flowers on my toes at the nail salon, but I'm feeling the sweetness today. Some days we keep our heads down and avoid looking at anything. Our shoulders slump and it gets harder to feel our heart energy. Today I'm standing tall!
We can find beauty all around us, if we look. The women trying to lift off into crow pose for the first time, and the pros flying high, they all shine. The warmth of a smile and a kind word from a stranger shows me their beauty, no matter what they look like. I believe my open heart today will draw kindness to me from others. Smiles are meant to be returned, whether or not you belive in the law of attraction. Join me in keeping your heart open and your eyes lifted today, enjoy the beauty around you!

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  1. Beauty is oxygen to our spirits... thank you for reminding me to drink in the abundance of beauty that is so easily overlooked.