Monday, July 5, 2010

The Law of Detachment

I have admitted in previous posts that I struggle with expectations, I become too attached to a particular outcome and lose sight of the journey. This has been a lifelong issue, as I have always been a planner. I like to know ahead of time what the schedule will be, who I will see, what I need to bring, then I tend to list it all in a notebook so I can refer to it as I'm going. I do believe I've gotten a bit "looser" with this tendency since I've started doing yoga, but I'm betting my husband would say I still have a ways to go.
I just finished reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, and it has forced me to have another look at my attachment. This book has been on my list for a long time, but I finally got around to reading it after yet another yogi said I really needed to get this one in my head. Boy, he was right. The book is short, but very "spiritually dense" if you know what I mean. The whole thing is filled with passages I've highlighted, but the last 2 laws resonated the most with me.
The penultimate law is the law of detachment. This fits in perfectly with my little expectation and planning problem, as it states we must let go of our attachment to the outcome or result of every situation. In this book, he is relating it to "success," but this certainly applies to many other areas of life. Deepak Chopra explains that if we have only one way to reach any goal, or only one perfect result, we set ourselves up to miss other possibilities. What if there were other, more interesting ways to reach the same goal? What if we flowed with the universe, allowing it to guide us, instead of planning every inch of the way?
I read this and felt a light bulb go on in my brain. I'm hopeful this will be the light bulb that finally allows me to budge on this whole attachment thing, because I am telling you this tendency runs deep! I am trying to put this into practice, as I'm leaving Friday for a training program on Yoga for Depression. I am excited, but I have no idea where I'm going, who I'm going to meet, what the schedule will be, and what or where I will eat. I could probably find out a lot of these things if I compulsively checked the internet, quizzed every yogi I know, or called the course director, but I don't actually need to know these things. I know when my flight leaves, and where the shuttle will pick me up. I know roughly what I need to pack. I know I'm excited to learn something new and different and connect with other mental health professionals who are passionate about yoga and how it can help our patients. Beyond that, I am going to let go of my expectations, open my heart, and see what possibilities arise!

Book referenced: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams by Deepak Chopra

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