Sunday, July 25, 2010


Next weekend is my 20 year high school reunion. I plan to attend, and have been in contact with some fellow classmates on Facebook. A lot of people are posting about the reunion, and how they wish they could change something about themselves or their lives beforehand. One friend said he needs to lose weight and get married, another said she wished she had taken better care of her skin, another is worrying about what to wear (ok, that's me).
I guess it's natural that a reunion would force us to take stock of our lives. We know we'll see people we knew back then, and I for one would like to prove that I'm not that same girl with the bad perm. But, I am satisfied with what I've accomplished in life, and don't feel I have any regrets about what I bring to the conversation. But what about my friends who are divorced, or unemployed, or are not satisfied with their appearance? I would like to think we are all going to this event to reconnect with old friends, to catch up and have fun, not to judge or look down on people to whom the years have not been kind. I would like to meet people where they are, but I'm sure there will be a lot of looking back. The people who were popular in high school will still be remembered that way, and those who were "losers" may be viewed through that lens, rather than for what they are today.
I don't see any value in regretting the past, and I certainly don't think it's useful to regret our present situation. Attending a reunion with something to prove also seems like the wrong approach. But can I show up as myself, as I am today, which only came about as a result of everything in my past? Can I feel confident but not condescending, and look for the positive in everyone else, even if they used to be a bully or a rival? I hope so. I have worked on opening my heart, and recognizing the divine in each of us. I understand this may be a challenging situation to stay in the moment, and not return to the roles I often assumed as a teenager. I am interested to see what comes up for me back in my old home town!

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  1. Having an open heart and recognizing the divine in each of us is joyful work... Thank you for sharing your reflections in this post, I very much enjoyed reading it.