Friday, October 1, 2010

Finding the Positive

I have been battling a sinus infection. It's hard for me to stay positive when I'm sick. I am frustrated because I can't do my usual yoga class today. I know, let go of expectations of a particular outcome. But with this headache, all I can focus on is the negative. It feels like I've been sick forever, and it will never get better and I'll never get back to yoga class again! That's pretty negative. How can we access our inner joyful nature when we feel terrible?
I am starting with small steps today. I did some simple stretches instead of my usual advanced Friday morning class, because even 10 minutes of yoga is better than none. I am spending time catching up on some work that I would have had to postpone, had I gone to class. That gives me some stress relief, and I can feel pleased that I used my time wisely even though it wasn't what I wanted to do. I am already imagining my cup of chai later, how good it's going to taste, and I can feel another sigh of pleasure, in spite of my headache. So simple small things to attune to the positive. So far so good...
I have to remind myself that I don't actually get sick often, and find some gratitude in my overall state of health. Gratitude is good, it's impossible to feel grateful and angry at the same time! Now I can remember to be grateful for other positives in this day: it's Friday and the sun is shining. My parents are here, and my family is together for a fun weekend. I'm almost ready to smile :) Our home renovation project is getting closer to completion, and for that I'm so very very grateful. I am definitely smiling now!
Ok, so I still have a headache and sinus pain, but I am focused on things outside my aches and pains and can look forward to the day. Even though I don't feel well, this day doesn't have to be a loss. I will use the small pleasures and gratitude to turn my energy around, I will smile at others and receive back what I give. I will look forward to the weekend without self pity and irritation. I'm ready to face the day.

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