Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I've been at a yoga training for 10 days now. It's at a lovely ashram in California that is kind of rustic. I knew there would be things I would have to forego while staying here: wine, chocolate, my own bathroom, as a few examples. I didn't realize there was also a water restriction in place. We were told the first day that we must turn off the shower while we're soaping, then turn on to rinse, etc. That didn't sound so great to me, because I love a long hot shower. You might even say I'm attached to my hot showers.

But a funny thing has happened the longer I've been here. I don't crave Starbucks chai, I don't wish for a glass of wine after dinner, and while I don't relish the shower rules, they have become a total non-issue. I suppose it's like any change in habit or routine. Initially we react strongly, then we notice it less and less, until the new habit becomes our norm.

But, we have to release our grasp on the old in order to embrace the new. If I spent every morning moaning and complaining about the shower, I would constantly be reminded of what I'm lacking. My attachment would continue and certainly a bad attitude would follow! I'm not saying I won't hop into a nice long shower when I return home, but I have felt good about being able to change without huge pain. This can be a lesson for future changes: if I allow what needs to be to unfold, observe and not stay stuck in the past, I will adapt. I will release the attachments to the old and step into the new.

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